~ I'm Mariusz Kozłowski ~ DevOps engineer, (ex) software developer, enjoyer of things I like

Currently working as DevOps engineer at optical fiber and WiFi focused company that develops networking hardware.

Previously had opportunity to work develop applications for VR and AR in Unreal Engine 4 for almost 3 years - one of which is the Virtualist.

I have MSc in Computer Science (with Software Engineering speciality). My master’s thesis is focused on recognition of Elatine L. seed images, estimation of their morphological features and their classification. My bachelor’s thesis is focused on singing voice extraction from complex recordings (songs) using traditional methods.

My hobbies include music, photography, technology, graphic design, culture of Asia, video games and lots of other smaller topics.

If you are interested in me professionally - take a look at my LinkedIn and GitHub (largery unmaintained) profiles.

You can also contact me be e-mailing “mariusz” at this domain. If you do so and can - please tell me how did you get to this webiste :)

Should you want to learn more about me - see my personal “blog” over at mary.moe and its About section. Over there you will find more of my photo, software and graphic design projects. I would love to do some writing soon too. Whole site is Windows 98-styled!